Tax Planning

Studenberg Law is prepared to help you handle and plan for Federal Estate, Gift, and Generation Skipping Transfer (GST) taxes. All of our attorneys have a Masters of Law, and advanced law degree in Estate Planning to ensure that whatever estate plan we prepare addresses each client’s Federal and State tax concerns. Federal Estate taxes are very complicated and the laws are constantly changing. You need a knowledgeable attorney with the right experience to carefully plan your estate and business to avoid or minimize unnecessary taxes.

Our tax services include the following:

  • Federal Estate, Gift and Generation-Skipping Transfer (GST) Tax
  • Tax Planning for Charitable Giving
  • Annual Gifting to Minimize Estate and Gift Taxes
  • Income Tax Planning for Estates and Trusts to Minimize Taxes
  • Taxation of Non-Resident Beneficiaries of U.S. Trusts
  • Estate Planning for Persons with Assets in Foreign Countries
  • Preparation of Form 706 and 706NA Federal Estate Tax Returns
  • Preparation of Form 709 Federal Gift Tax Returns
  • Assisting in the Preparation of Income Tax Returns
  • Review of Accountings

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